Ever walk into a bathroom and think to yourself, “I’m better off holding it in”? Now we’ve created a place for you to share photos of those icky bathrooms that made you almost choose to pee yourself rather than risk infecting your privates with some exotic rash. Yes, it’s a blog about Icky Bathrooms, and you get to join in!

Once you share your icky bathroom photo, others can rate it on an icky-scale of 1 to 10 (a vote of 10 means it’s so icky, even a slug would have vomited).

On a monthly basis we’ll pick one of the top contenders to win a prize (as the blog owners, we get a say too). But don’t expect to win $10,000 or anything… it’ll be a small but fun prize.

Submit Your Icky Bathroom Photo along with a title and credit information. No need to tell us exactly where that icky bathroom is. Honestly, we don’t want to know. No one wants to know.

Oh, and we need to add, we expect that you found the bathroom the way it appears in the photo. Like most sites of this type, our site here is for entertainment purposes only and we don’t expect you to be the jerk that decides to make a bathroom icky. Don’t go around vandalizing public and private restrooms, or worse, pooping on their floors. We don’t like bad citizens, and you shouldn’t be one.

So what are you waiting for? Submit Your Icky Bathroom Photo Now!. Once it’s approved it could appear on the site for everyone to see… and then you can get your friends to vote (use the “share” button).

Who We Are

Well, that depends on who you ask. Collectively, we’re probably best known as a few weirdos with some interesting hobbies. Photography, film-making, professional wrestling, internet surfing, acting and singing, and actively exploring our surroundings are just a few of them.

We decided to create this blog site after one of us had the idea for a book on bathrooms around the world. Since that particular person (*clearing throat*) never got off her ass and actually did it, we thought it might be fun to see the bathrooms around the world we’re not out finding and photographing. A lot of you are more traveled than us.

For the most part, we’re mostly normal with just a dash of loopy, thought this blog seems to prove otherwise…

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